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Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

From single parcels to full pallets, customers using our pick and pack services benefit from more efficient supply chain solutions, as well as reduced costs and lorry miles.

As soon as goods arrive at Felixstowe, they can be quickly transferred in to our modern, racked facility.

With our dedicated secure storage and access to our leading-edge warehouse management system, CHESS, Felixstowe Warehousing customers have total inventory control for calling off their delivery requirements. CHESS interfaces seamlessly with our customers’ systems, sharing data and information on products and stock levels, all in real time.

Goods can be delivered direct to the final point of sale, eliminating charges for the return of empty containers to the port. This reduces cost, lead times and carbon footprints.

Our location at the UK’s busiest port makes us ideal for all companies involved in importing and exporting goods. It means that we can offer competitive rates for storage and distribution throughout the UK and mainland Europe.


Pick and Pack