John Good 180 Years

Port Centric Logistics

Our unrivalled location at the entrance to the Port of Felixstowe allows us to deliver complete, port centric solutions.

Port centric logistics is the process of unloading, storing and distributing cargo from the port itself. Rather than incurring additional costs to bring containers to inland depots, a port centric solution means our customers can benefit from reduced costs, a more efficient supply chain, reduced carbon footprint and cost-effective logistics and distribution.

Felixstowe Warehousing is perfectly placed to handle freight arriving at the UK’s largest container port. Ideal for the swift transfer of goods from quayside to rack, our location means that customers can save money by avoiding expensive quay rent and demurrage charges.

We also offer competitive rates for freight handling, warehousing and storage, and transport throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Providing a complete service, our team can handle your freight from start to finish, from unloading, storage and packing to distribution throughout the UK and mainland Europe.