John Good 180 Years

John Good Group

John Good Group

Since 2006 we’ve been a part of the John Good Group, a family-owned business founded in 1833. On 1 January 2020 we joined John Good Shipping, Connaught Air Services, Rewico and TEPS Felixstowe to become John Good Logistics Limited.

Over the past few years John Good Group has grown and developed its business and built up a large customer base across each of its companies. In addition, the group has also acquired companies with similar values and in similar industries to those of the business and family.

John Good Group now includes different subsidiary companies which operate independently but work together wherever possible. Through this diversification across a variety of industries, the group has managed to weather the recent economic climate and this versatility has been integral in the group’s recent success.

Companies in the group include established names from within the industry and include shipping and logistics companies John Good Logistics Limited, Trans European Port Services Warehousing and Distribution, DAN Shipping & Chartering, as well as corporate travel specialists Good Travel Management.