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Garnett Papers (UK)

Garnett Papers (UK)

Garnett Papers (UK) Ltd is a world-renowned and highly respected leading paper specialist company

Garnett, established for over 250 years in Yorkshire, supply exceptionally high quality paper products. The product range, including paper envelopes, gift wrap, folders and box files, is constantly developing with new designs and new sources of supply. Felixstowe Warehousing provide freight handling from transfer of garnett’s shipping containers from the quayside through to despatch of individual customer orders. Imported paper products are unloaded into secure storage space at the Port of Felixstowe, the UK’s largest container port. Prompt transfer of containers from the terminal to our warehouse eliminates the risk of demurrage charges and garnett has saved over £400 per box on transport costs compared to a round trip to their Yorkshire base.

We provide order picking, packing and distribution of single/multiple pallet loads to garnett customers in UK and mainland Europe. This solution gives garnett the flexibility to sell a wider range in varying quantities to meet customer’s stock replenishment needs.

Felixstowe Warehousing, part of the John Good Shipping group of companies, specialises in providing freight handling solutions.

We operate as a port-centric warehouse at the UK’s largest container port to achieve savings in freight costs and their environmental impact, for our customers and the wider community. Our customers can choose from a menu of handling, storage, IT and delivery solutions for reliable, secure and cost effective distribution of their products to final destinations in UK, mainland Europe and global markets. We have a highly experienced workforce who offer a dedicated and versatile service including pick and pack operations to fulfill our customers’ sales and distribution needs.

Key Benefits


Garnett saved over £400 per box on transport costs between Felixstowe and Yorkshire.


Garnett imported paper products are unloaded off a full container in one operation. Individual customer orders are picked and packed for direct delivery to final destinations in UK & mainland Europe.


Garnett picking lists & delivery instructions are linked into Felixstowe Warehousing’s systems with real time stock allocation.


Flexible pick & pack services mean smaller consignments and has helped Garnett to open up new market sectors.


Using short sea shipping services to mainland Europe and eliminating road transport legs has continued the Garnett tradition of low carbon emissions.